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OUR COMMITMENT TO ESG: Upgrading Everyone’s lives

Embracing Diversity at Ooredoo Kuwait:

At Ooredoo Kuwait, we celebrate diversity as a cornerstone of our success and strength. We believe that a diverse and inclusive workforce fuels innovation, fosters creativity, and drives our business forward. Our commitment to diversity goes beyond mere acknowledgment; it's ingrained in our culture and practices.

Promoting Inclusivity

We believe that an inclusive environment cultivates a rich tapestry of thoughts, experiences, and perspectives. It's this mosaic of diversity that sparks creativity, encourages collaboration, and propels us toward excellence. We are committed to providing an environment where every individual feels valued, respected, and empowered to bring their whole selves to work.

Cultural Diversity

With a workforce that represents a wide spectrum of cultures, nationalities, and backgrounds, Ooredoo Kuwait thrives on the wealth of insights and experiences this diversity brings. We encourage a collaborative atmosphere that acknowledges and respects each individual's unique cultural heritage and perspective, creating a vibrant and inclusive workplace.

Gender Diversity and Equality

We are dedicated to fostering gender equality and diversity. Ooredoo Kuwait provides equal opportunities for both women and men to thrive and advance within our organization. We actively promote a supportive environment where all employees, regardless of gender, are empowered to contribute and excel in their roles.

Supporting Diverse Talent

We are committed to recruiting, retaining, and nurturing diverse talent. Our focus is on seeking out the best minds and talents, irrespective of background, to build a workforce that reflects the communities we serve. We provide development opportunities, training, and mentorship programs that encourage and support the growth and advancement of our diverse team.

Diversity in Action

Our commitment to diversity is evident in various initiatives, including employee resource groups, cultural awareness programs, diversity training, and open forums for discussions. These initiatives aim to create an inclusive and supportive workplace where every employee feels valued and respected.

At Ooredoo Kuwait, diversity is not just a concept but a vital element that drives our success. We are committed to fostering a culture that embraces and celebrates diversity in all its forms, recognizing the unique strengths and contributions each individual brings. Our diversity is our strength, and it is what makes us stronger, more innovative, and better equipped to serve our diverse customer base. Join us in our commitment to embracing diversity and creating an inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive and contribute their best. This content can be further expanded or customized with specific diversity initiatives, testimonials, or additional details to reflect the unique practices and culture of Ooredoo Kuwait regarding diversity and inclusion.

Sustainability at Ooredoo Kuwait

At Ooredoo Kuwait, we are deeply committed to sustainability, understanding the importance of responsible and ethical practices in our operations. We recognize our role in contributing to a sustainable future for Kuwait and the world. Our commitment to sustainability is an integral part of our business strategy and corporate culture.

Environmental Responsibility

We prioritize environmental stewardship by implementing eco-friendly initiatives and strategies across our operations. From reducing our carbon footprint to minimizing waste, we actively work to conserve energy and resources. Our goal is to contribute positively to the environment and minimize our impact on the planet.

Renewable Energy and Efficiency

Ooredoo Kuwait invests in renewable energy sources and energy-efficient technologies. We are continuously exploring and implementing solutions to reduce energy consumption, integrating renewable energy where feasible, and adopting eco-friendly practices to lessen our environmental impact.

Reducing E-Waste and Responsible Disposal

As a telecom provider, we are conscious of the e-waste generated from electronic devices. Ooredoo Kuwait is committed to responsibly managing electronic waste. We encourage and facilitate proper disposal and recycling of electronic equipment to reduce environmental harm and promote a circular economy.

Community Engagement

Our commitment to sustainability extends to engaging and educating our communities. We actively participate in and support community programs and initiatives that promote environmental awareness, education, and sustainable practices. We believe that creating awareness and education is crucial in fostering a sustainable society.

Digital Innovation for Sustainability

Ooredoo Kuwait leverages digital innovation to support sustainability efforts. We develop and provide technological solutions that enable businesses and individuals to reduce their environmental footprint. From smart solutions for energy conservation to digital services that reduce paper waste, we strive to empower our customers to adopt sustainable practices.

Partnerships and collaborations

We collaborate with like-minded organizations, partners, and suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability. By working together, we aim to leverage collective expertise, resources, and innovation to drive positive change and contribute to a more sustainable future.

At Ooredoo Kuwait, sustainability is not just a choice but a responsibility. We are dedicated to continuously improving our practices, operations, and initiatives to make a positive impact on our environment and society. Our commitment to sustainability is an ongoing journey, and we invite everyone to join us in this endeavor towards a more sustainable and greener future.