CCTV solutions are considered one of the leading technologies delivered by Ooredoo, where state of the art systems are tailored to fit every client’s requirements. As technology evolves, more and more is required from CCTV systems, with inherent intelligence attributes and video analytics, CCTV systems can be used for a variety of purposes such as tracking movements or events and people counting.

Some of the applications of intelligent video surveillance are:

  1. Tracking a moving object or person
  2. Searching for an object
  3. Counting instances of some event or object
  4. Identifying the location
  5. Detecting certain events and automatically carrying out activities like triggering an alarm, reporting alerts, or closing exits

Ooredoo provides various implementation platforms for CCTV monitoring systems, where a client can have the cameras together with their backbone infrastructure and recording on premise with a local storage, or they can utilize Ooredoo’s broadband connectivity and services to move the recording and storage into our cloud with 99.999% reliability.