Business Resiliency solutions

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solution for enterprises

Desktop-as-a-service (Daas)

Enterprises has been moving towards a more agile way of working, from any device, from any location, yet almost overnight, the entire workforces have been moved to work from home. There is no longer the luxury of time, scaling out VDI must happen now.

VDI technology creates a virtualized desktop environment on a remote server setup, allowing employees to remotely access their desktop via their personal computer, laptop, phone and other devices, while saving valuable disc space on the server.

Delivering an excellent user experience at any scale!

When it comes to application and desktop virtualization, user experience is the ultimate measure of success. Our offerings are optimized to satisfy user requirements across a wide variety of devices and network connections.
Whether you have hundreds of users or tens of thousands. Our solution deliver an excellent user experience to local, remote, and mobile business users.

These cloud based virtual desktops are hosted on Virtual Machines that are controlled through management software in Ooredoo’s servers situated inside our high-performance data centers. With this service, and any service out of our data centers, you’re guaranteed advanced security, high-end infrastructure, disaster recovery plan and much more.

VDI offers many benefits to your business when working remotely:

Employees can access workstation from anywhere Users can access their desktops remotely from many devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops, with one unified user interface.

Built-in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Since the data does not reside on the end-users physical device, all data is automatically stored in an off-site location. So regardless of the environment around the user, they can access their data from whatever device they have available, enabling them to remain productive in spite of the harsh circumstances.


Since VDI replaces PCs – deployment, management, and maintenance of replacement endpoints becomes much easier. Centralized management software is used to enable IT administrators to maintain devices in the network from one central server – meaning upgrades and application deployments can be centrally managed, rather than being handled individually at endpoints.

Increased data security

With everything being stored in Ooredoo’s state of the art data centers, data is more secure and protected for business and customer alike, with reduced risk of file corruption by viruses.

Cost reduction for your business

Thanks to the cloud, VDI services eliminate the need, and cost, for additional hardware. You don’t even need to upgrade your office equipment, no matter how outdated it may be.

Reduced use on bandwidth

As VDI takes all information from a user’s computer and places it on to a server in a data center, businesses save time and money by making the same data available to all users on the network and removes the need for multiple connections from multiple users.