The Power of Global Convergence

The Power of Global Convergence EVPN stands for enhanced Virtual Private Network and provides two essential business networking needs: any-to-any connectivity and Class of Service (CoS) . With eVPN Ooredoo meets these additional application needs on a global basis while providing end-to-end management to our customers.

MPLS-based eVPN allows the network to transmit data packets, using standard IP routing protocols, from any location, to any location via a short, pre-determined path across the AT&T Global Network.

Customers looking for reliable communications and those with a need for distributed communications (both globally and fully managed) now have an elegantly simple solution that gives them the best of both worlds - the anywhereanytime access of IP and the security and reliability of traditional networks.

This high-end technology is backed by the highest levels of performance, quality, data integrity, security and global coverage - all of which are essential to maximize your performance.