Managed Storage and Backup

Next generation managed data storage and recovery

Our Managed Storage Service provides highly available, highly scaled data storage with data protection for customer systems located in Data Center.

Our service is a dynamic solution designed for businesses that need to store multiple applications and various workloads, with a minimal investment.

Solutions range from highly available storage for production databases, to low-cost storage for web content, text files, images, and other shared or archived data.

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Benefits include:

  1. Flexible consumption model and cost structure.
  2. Connecting to Enterprise Storage Infrastructure.
  3. Multi-Tier model addressing various demands.
  4. Support for data growth and expansion.
  5. Centralized data storage for building private clouds.
  6. Highly available up time and capacity.
  7. Better capacity management and planning.
  8. Multiple levels of local and remote protection.
  9. Utilization and performance reporting.
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Our Managed Backup Service can also be deployed in tandem with the Managed Storage Service , providing immediate access to a range of features, including connection to the enterprise backup infrastructure, support for rapid enterprise data growth and associated overflow as well as long term archival of critical records.

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